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Here's some nice thing people have said about working with Joe Henkel and Create Wonder.


Pastor and Rapper

"I've had the privilege of working on a few projects with Joe and I'm blown away at how hard he works. We have collaborated on a couple spoken words, he has filmed and edited one of my musical performances, and has created a lyric video for me. When I was stuck creatively, he provided me with tips and ideas to push my content forward. All in all, Joe is the embodiment of encouragement and hard work; anyone who has worked with him knows that."

Craig 3.jpg

Craig Sims

School Director and Preacher

"Joe has a passion to see people understand and bask in the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. His heart's desire is to be a digital missionary in this new population of digital natives. The church cannot resolve to just build four walls and say "Come to us and let us show you." Rather, we must follow the strategies of the great missionaries like Paul and go to the places where people congregate. Yes, even social media and other digital platforms. Joe's digital work is a vessel that carries the message of Christ to the dwelling places of those who need it."


Marthen Lilite

Youth Minister

"My guy Joe is amazing!!! My wife and I are so thankful for the work he did for our wedding. His passion for his work and his dedication is astounding. More importantly he's always looking for opportunities to grow and perfect in his craft which shows that he's always learning and striving to be great! So honored to call him friend!!! So thankful that he has been using the gift God has given him to bless the world!"

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